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Arts Plastiques – Abstract Portrait

L’École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage, Versailles

During my time within the L’École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage – Versailles, I took part In a three day arts course which ended with the production of my images within this page. The idea was to interview a person pre-defined by the tutors and create a portrait that represented the person. Within my small group, we interviewed a tax lawyer in his modern, open plan office on the outskirts of Paris. Our piece aims to show the relationship between our subjects’ character, mannerisms, work and lifestyle. The chessboard illustrates the supposed morality of law with its strict right or wrong maxims. The abstracted pieces interweave this board and emphasise the role of a Lawyer in working the game of law. The seat emphasises the individualist nature of our subject who mentioned he preferred individual games and work to any other, as he claimed, ‘others get in the way’. The coloured pieces indicate his softer side, colourful dress code and welcoming approach. 


Andy Cumming, Steve Walker, Agnes Souillard





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