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Ironside Farrar Ltd

Internship May-September 2013


One of the projects I worked on as a Landscape Architect Assistant with IronsideFarrar Ltd was that of the New South Glasgow Hospitals Development. I was asked to design some strategies which would enliven the four-lane primary exit to the site and whilst disguising the rather unsightly Scottish Water company building. In the images below, you can find a selected set of my proposals. As instructed, I created numerous designs that catered for a varied of budgetary options. These proposals are currently being discussed between IronsideFarrar Ltd, the site developers and Scottish Water.





Dock Park Entrance Detail

Dumfries and Galloway Council – IronsideFarrar Ltd - Scotland

Another project I worked on for IronsideFarrar was that of the now nationally award winning Dock Park. I was tasked with drawing up detailed sections to illustrate different options for a new main entrance to the park. This involved indicating ground levels through numerous points in the wall and insuring that every element of the wall was detailed in order for the designs to go to out to the contractors. This project involved working between the office engineers and architects and gave me a real insight into the work and relationship between the two. I found this experience challenging but ultimately rewarding, creating drawings that would be realised. Within this page, you can find one of the many drawings of the finalised design which was put forward.




 Central Park, Playground and SUD Design

IronsideFarrar Ltd - Scotland

The final project I took part in at IronsideFarrar in the summer of 2013, was that of the central park design for Pinkie Mains housing development in Musselburgh on the outskirts of Edinburgh (see Masterplan on previous page). It came within the overall development framework for the 500 unit site. I was tasked with softening the contractor’s initial layout of the park, creating a planting plan for the SUD basin and designing and detailing two play parks.  I had advisory meetings with the senior members of staff and was delighted when they decided to approve a large proportion of my work to be used within the company’s proposals. Although the detailing is unchanged, it should be noted that the graphic style below is that of the in-house graphics team. I am most proud of this work during my time at IronsideFarrar as I believe it shows the trust the company had in me as a 2nd year student.





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