Garden Design and Implementation 

I undertook this project in the summer of 2014. I found it very fulfilling working from detailing the project to realising the job. The clients wanted a solution to the surface water issues in their driveway and a planting scheme that could lighten up the front garden but be as little maintenance as possible. The permeable driveway my employees and I installed was definitely the most rewarding part of the project. I benefitted greatly from this element of the job as I was forced to be extremely accurate in my calculations to solve the drainage issues (getting levels, run-off measurements etc perfect).  Another facet of the project I fund very educational was the financial side of it. I had to source all of the materials economically and efficiently, with a strict schedule that suited the client, the supplier and myself. This project was a great experience and I believe the lessons I learn physical working, working with real budgets and for clients helps me greatly when back at the university and hopefully will continue to do so in my future working life.