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 Landscape Master Planning/Landscape Reclamation

This project outlines an infrastructural development plan for site of St Flannans Colliery within the context of Kirkintilloch and the surrounding towns and villages. The first two pages of this section relate to the regional masterplan with the remaining pages are dedicated to providing a design solution for the site of St Flannans’ itself. The project as a whole intends to develop a strong and practical focus for the region to unlock new social opportunities that will link with both the wider network of Central Scotland and the local community.


The main objective is to improve access to St Flannan’s for the neighbouring towns and villages whilst bolstering the existing landscape character of the region. The isometric drawings on page 6 illustrate the interventions required to create a distinctive series of networks that link the countryside, towns, villages and the canal passage itself to St Flannan’s. Safe and legible routes to St  Flannan’s are crucial when considering the aim of devoloping an inclusive community hub on the site.




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